Before the Show: In Preparation for 2016’s Junior Varieties

A Malden High School tradition that is known to bring the community

together is our Junior Variety Show. This year is no different, this year’s JV show is on March 11th and 12th. Everyone is excited to see what the Class of 2017 (juniors) have to offer for this year’s talent show. Junior officers and performers in the show have been working non-stop to perfect their performances for awaiting audiences with the guidance of Class of 2017 advisor Mrs. Collison and Ms. Northrop. This year’s performances of course includes a lively performance from the MHS Step Team, amazing singing performances, a fake fight scene, and so much more!

Class of 2017 president Vivian Nguyen states that “everything is going really well … all the acts are really talented so [she] thinks that it is going to be a really great show.” Nguyen also commends Class of 2017 Historian Leah Tramondozzi for really stepping up during rehearsals when other officers could not make it to the practices. Tramondozzi says that “ In the beginning things were a little rocky, but after February vacation things really started to come together.”

Every year JVs have themes to their shows, this years’ theme is ‘The Key to JVs’. Along with all of the acts, there is a separate story that is going along with the show. Though the Class of 2017 is getting some criticism for their theme, Class of 2017 would like to make clear that “This was not inspired by DJ Khaled! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what our show is all about!”

We are looking forward to see what hosts Erin Mulcahy, Jesse Bouley, and James Mac have in store for this interesting story line.  Mulcahy describes preparing for JVs by “ getting over the stage fright [she] had, and becoming a part of the the community… [she] has been able to become a part of the family of everyone here.”  The energy of all the host together created such great chemistry even during the practices. No one is more ecstatic for the show than host Jesse Bouley who states that “ It looks like everything’s going good, [he] is not nervous because it is going to be the best JVs ever!”

The atmosphere at the JV practices is fast-paced and energetic. When not performing themselves, JV performers wait in the audience supporting all the other acts. They have grown  familiar with all the numbers and even sing along to some numbers. This year’s JVs like other years have brought together not only the junior class, but really the entire school because people of any class are able to perform. So look forward to going to see this year’s’ Junior Variety show, tickets are $8 at all 4 lunches and, $10 at the door.

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