Insight into Computer Science Club

It’s 2016, and technology has been a major part of our lives for years. We have our phones in our pockets and our Chromebooks in our backpacks, pretty much all of the time. We have classes to learn about our computers and technology as a whole, and those who have a lot of interest in the field may join related clubs.

For three years, MHS’ Computer Club has been a popular club. Those interested in computers meet, “hang out”, learn new computer skills, and attend computer workshops and events, like hack-a-thon. It is a place for future entrepreneurs to meet, blend ideas, and gather and share information and resources, furthering their knowledge about computers and technology.

Freshman Will Duggan joined because of his interest in computer science. Duggan feels “that computer club is a place where there really is an opportunity to learn something you really want to.” According to Duggan, there is not set routine, and something different happens every week. “There are people who specialize in all various sections of computer science and computer club is a place where you can figure things out and problem solve,” Duggan says about the people in the club. Because of all of this, Duggan will “indeed return in future years.”

The club meets from 2:30 to 5:00 on Wednesdays focusing on programming, designing, software and networking techniques. The club also focuses on gaming, both “playing and designing”, sharing resources, the parts of a computer, and how to build a computer.

Computer Science Club, to balance each other out, has four co-presidents, including senior Efran Himel. Himel believes Computer club “Allows it’s members to pursue, their own technological interest while also providing a group to assist ventures.”

New members are always welcome at Computer Club, so if you’re interested you can attend on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 5:00 in H403.

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