Tufts University Distributes Chromebook Survey

In recent years Malden High School has been becoming more involved with technology and incorporating it into the curriculum. Last year Chromebooks were given to this year’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year’s freshmen were given them at the start of the school year. Chromebooks are used in everyday student life, whether it may be for homework, classwork, or test taking.

On Mar. 3, 2016 MHS students took a survey designed by Tufts University. This survey centered around how many students are involved in technology-related classes at MHS. It also asked what kind of devices students uses in class and if improvements in the amount of technology used in school need to be made. The questions were made by Cassidy Puckett, Research Coordinator and Postdoctoral Fellow at Tufts University. Senior Kaitlyn Gibson assisted Puckett by organizing the questions into an online format. 

The survey focused heavily on MHS’s math and engineering classes. When taking the survey students were able to vary in their responses as there were not just yes or no questions but ratings between 1-6 of how strongly one felt about a certain circumstance. They were also able to elaborate on their responses in boxes provided on the survey. The survey even brought up one of MHS’s most popular classes, Play Production. They classified it as a class that helped to advance students’ knowledge in new technologies.

Overall the survey was an efficient way to gain insight into the influence technology has had at MHS. The analysis of the results is in progress of being completed. 

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