Baseball Profile: Nicholas Andreucci

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Senior Nicholas Andreucci has been playing baseball from a young age. He started off playing tee ball and then went on to play for the Malden Little League. At the age of 14 he started playing travel baseball on the Angels baseball team.

Not only has Andreucci played baseball his whole life, but he loves the game which is why he was excited when he began his high school baseball career during his freshman year at Malden High School. As a sophomore, he went straight to varsity where he started as a left fielder. His junior year he became the team’s primary center fielder. For Andreucci, as far as positions go his favorite place to play is any position in the outfield. As well as being on the varsity baseball team, he has also been playing golf since sophomore year, having become a captain for this past season’s golf team.     

If Andreucci feels any type of pressure on the field, he just locks into the moment and sticks to the fundamentals. The team’s goal for this season is to make it into the Greater Boston League Tournament and go as far as they can. As for Andreucci, his personal goal is to have the highest batting average of his high school career.

Melrose is Andreucci’s favorite team to face during the season. He feels that the team didn’t put forth their best efforts during their game against them last year and hopes that this year Malden will be able to win back the Mayor’s Cup.

The most challenging thing about baseball to Andreucci is hitting off a very skilled pitcher, but he plans on focusing on hitting this season and overcoming these challenges. As for his high school career, his favorite memory is starting in his first varsity game his sophomore year. Playing baseball throughout these years has taught him to play strong until the last out of the game.

“Nicky is without a doubt one of the most mentally tough players on the team,” expressed senior captain Ronnie Luke. 

To all new athletes, Andreucci advises them to go out and work their hardest. “Effort and passion doesn’t take any athletic ability, it’s a mentality,” explained Andreucci. He does not plan on continuing his baseball career after high school. This will be his last high school and travel baseball season, which is why he wants this team to succeed this season. Andreucci will be working his hardest to help the team reach their goals. 

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