New Football Coach: William Manchester

With the retirement of longtime Malden High School principal Dana Brown and the news of superintendent Dr. DeRuosi switching districts to Saugus, what seems to have gotten lost is that the MHS football team also has a new head coach. William Manchester is the new head coach of the MHS football team following the retirement of Joseph Pappagallo after seven years as the head coach.

Manchester is an extremely experienced coach, who has high expectations placed on him to win. Infact, Manchester has been involved in coaching for 23 years. Recently, he was the head coach for Nantucket High School football team. There, he won a Super Bowl title as a head coach in 2011. He described winning the super bowl title as a ¨[great] experience” and that it was all down to “[a] collection of players that were committed to win.”

Manchester has already met with his players for next year and the team is deep into their yearly spring training.

When asked about why he chose to coach at MHS despite many offers from other school, Manchester mentioned how ¨there are only twenty-five Division I schools in Massachusetts” and Malden is one of the many schools, so he “ viewed that as a challenge that [he] wanted to take on.¨

Manchester described “getting to know the players as characters and as athletes” as one of the many aspects he is mostly excited about.  He stated that one season he hopes to “get a ring and win the super bowl title” with MHS. However he mentioned that his main goal is much more than that. He hopes that his players “come together as a cohesive unit and maximize [their] ability as a collection of individuals. If [they] can do that than [he] will be very pleased,” he concluded.

As spring training continues, the MHS football team is training endlessly for the new season that starts this fall with their new coach William Manchester.

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