Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag is a live action role-playing game where students can come together and attempt to survive a simulation of the Zombie Apocalypse. The game was sponsored by the Fine Arts Club in October, in preparation for Halloween. This year’s game was on Friday, October 27, 2017 from 2:45 - 5:00 pm. The participants were required to meet in Cafeteria B to discuss the rules of the game, acquire their bandanas and socks, and “run for their lives”.

Tickets were sold during all four lunches and in

Participants of zombie tag meeting in the cafeteria before it begins. Photo by Carolina Cuevas.

Mr. Luongo’s room (H309) for $3, and $5 if purchased at the door. Limited tickets were sold.

The rules of the game are simple.

  1. Participants can only play on the second and third floors of the Boyle, Holland and Jenkins Houses. No one should be on the first or fourth floors.
  2. If hit by socks as a zombie, one must stay frozen for ten seconds before rejoining the game.
  3. If a human, one’s bandana must be worn on their arm. If a zombie, the bandana must be worn on their neck or head.
  4. Humans are turned into zombies from physical contact with a zombie, but a zombie can not be reverted into a human until the next round.
  5. No camping, in other words, no staying in one spot for a long period of time.
  6. No hiding in the classrooms, lockers, bathrooms, staircases or the library. The hallways are the only permitted zones.
  7. Zombies are forbidden from obtaining socks, for they are for human survival.

Once done reviewing the rules, the students were then sent away to search for a hiding spot. An announcement over the loudspeaker then announced the start of the game: “Attention all students. The zombies have broken out, prepare to be eaten”.

Students began to run in nearly every direction as they tried to escape the zombies, forming groups as they tried to use strategic thinking to escape from them.

The members of the Fine Arts Club monitored the game from the main office through the surveillance cameras to make sure people were following the rules. There were also members walking the halls with cameras as they took pictures of the game.

As the rounds went on, the players began to last longer as they had a better grasp on how to survive. The members of the club did not make it easy either. If there was a group of humans in one spot for a certain period of time, the members would announce their location over the loudspeaker.

The game consisted of four rounds, with each one lasting half an hour. The round would end once either the time ran out or there were no more humans left. At the end of each round, everyone would come back to the cafeteria for a short announcement and break before starting the next round. Once the game was over, the students would bring back the bandanas and socks to the members and go head home to their normal, non zombie infested lives. Everyone who participated in the game really enjoyed Zombie Tag and plans to go again next year.

If you are interested in joining the Fine Arts club you can go to H309 to find out more.

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