Olivia Forestier photographed by Jesaias Benitez.

Junior Olivia Forestier is one of the four captains of the MHS swim team, and has been swimming for the team for three years.

Forestier used to swim when she was younger, so when she got to high school, she decided she would try it out again because her sister was one of the captains. Forestier stated that one of her strengths is “noticing what [she] needs to improve on whether that be an individual goal, or a team goal, and working towards that goal until [it is] achieved.”

One of Forestier’s goals for the team this year is to “do [their] best in the new league. [They] lost a large majority of their team because [most] graduated, so [she] is looking forward to starting over and building the team up to what it once was.”

As a captain, something Forestier feels she needs to improve on is “making sure everyone on the team feels welcomed and is happy with how things are going” and that “it can be difficult to socialize during practices because [they] don’t have much time to talk, so [she] believes this is something [they] could work on outside of practice hours.”

Because the team is joining a new league, it can be very difficult to adjust to the new system. Personally, Forestier is “very excited about the new league” and believes that it “will challenge [the team] a lot more than in the past, and [she] is excited to take it on as a team and see how it goes.”

Since it is a new year and some of the players have left the team because of graduation, other freshmen have recently joined the team. Forestier stated that “[she] sees a lot of potential within [the team]. [They push] themselves and want to be here, which is something that [she] believes will get [them] very far.”

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