Girls’ Ice Hockey Profile: Terrell Pesaturo

Terrell Pesaturo photographed by Carolina Cuevas.

Terrell Pesaturo is the starting goalie of the Malden-Medford Girls’ Ice Hockey team. And this year will mark Pesaturo’s third year playing. She is a sixteen-year-old junior who has been living in Malden all her life and loves to play ice hockey with the girls on her team.

Terrell plays hockey due to a big win from one of the biggest teams in Boston. “February 2013, Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Tim Thomas was in the net and I turned to my dad and said ‘Dad, I want to be a goalie.’ He seemed surprised. ‘Uh, then you should’ve said so 5 years ago.’ ” Terrell was amazed at Thomas’s performance on the ice. And since then, Terrell began to play hockey grew up with the girls playing on the team together.

As a goalie, Pesaturo stops pucks so that the other team doesn’t score. She also constantly communicates with the team giving feedback on what to do and what is going on. Pesaturo also has the best view of the plays because of her position on the rink.

What is one of her biggest accomplishments? “Recently this summer, buzzer beater goal. This person comes in, rebounds right off my chest. It goes over towards the left-hand side. And she gets it, she shoots it and I go and save it. I hit with my blocker and the buzzer rings. If I didn’t hit it, it would’ve gone in and we would’ve lost.”

One thing Pesaturo likes to do is play hockey games because of the adrenaline running and the “go, go, go” feeling coursing through her. But she dislikes skating. “I just don’t like sprints”.

What advice would you share with others as an athlete? “Always keep your head up and look for ways to lead cause there always needs to be a leader.” Terrell strives to become the next captain of the Malden-Medford Girls’ Ice Hockey as she encourages her teammates and works hard every practice.

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