Senior Stephanie Campos has begun her second year on the wrestling team.

Campos had said that the thing that was different from last year was that “[the team had gotten] new gear.” This year, the gear has a compression shirt and compression shorts with the Malden High School’s logo. While last year they only had singlets, she said that “it was not great because [she] had to wear a compression shirt underneath it and [she] did not like how it fit. But now the new gear is great.¨

Campos’ thoughts on wrestling are that while it is hard work and it gives her a difficult time, it just makes her want to do it more and more. Campos had wanted to do wrestling since the eighth grade and had decided to do it once she found out that Malden High School had a wrestling team. Campos explained that “[she likes] combat and aggressive sports”, which encouraged her to try out for the wrestling team. She also mentioned that when she was younger, she would watch WWE with her uncles.

Campos hobbies and interests, other than wrestling, are boxing and other things that involve combat. She also enjoys her job, working at a gym. She is looking forward to the wrestling season this year. This season, Campos wants to improve in her technique and progress more in wrestling. She also hopes to be able to win more matches and be able to go into sectionals for wrestling for women.

Campos recommends wrestling to other people because it helps with your stamina, helps you become stronger, and can make you have a better bond with other people. She says that you can learn a lot more about wrestling and how it works to see if you enjoy doing the sport.

Campos says the wrestling team is like a family and they truly act like a family to each other. She says that “[the team treats her] like another guy which means alot to [her]”, as there are mostly boys on the wrestling team. Overall, Campos really enjoys being on the wrestling team.

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