The Future Of MHS Boys Basketball Team

The MHS Boys’ Basketball season has ended with a record of 14-7 for their regular season.

Junior Robens Garcia, who plays guard, explained that for next year he is expected to lead his younger teammates in hopes to have a successful season. He believes that his responsibility on the team will change taking into consideration that he will be a senior the following year. Garcia shared how his responsibility is to “step up” and to help lead his teammates will result into a successful season.

Sophomore forward Brutchel Hyppolite shooting a jumpshot during warmups. Photo by Jemisha Syliant.

Sophomore Cameron Lloyd, who plays forward, also explained that he aspires to be a “way better” player with more confidence to shoot the ball despite being only one of the two sophomores on the team.

Lloyd explained that in the previous season, there had been many more “superstars”. Stated “this year [the team has] the skills but a lot of young players.”

Senior Thomas Redwood mentioned how Sophomores Brutchel Hyppolite and Lloyd are only just few of the many players on the team who show great prospects as a player. Redwood explained that Lloyd is a “great shooter”, plays defense well, and runs the floor well. Similarly, he added that Hyppolite contributes to the team with his ability to shoot and get rebounds. He stated “[Hyppolite and Lloyd] will definitely help” and explained that they just have to be confident when playing. 

Redwood also made it clear that the aspects he looks for the in the younger players such as Lloyd is his shooting ability whereas for Hyppolite it is his rebounding as well as shooting. He added that Junior Christian Monahan-DaSilva, who is a new player on the varsity team, plays fearlessly. He stated “[Monahan-DaSilva does not] care. [He runs] the floor, [he runs] the break, [he gets] open. [He will] take the shot.”

Redwood briefly explained that not many players have the confidence to shoot when “[there is] of people watching.”

Despite being one of the key players on the team, Lloyd mentioned that he lacks speed on the court and needs to be more consistent with his shooting. He also believes that a change that needs to be made is for him to stop being a one man show when there are other players on the court.

Likewise, Hyppolite expects the team’s chemistry to improve and said that there are many talented players on the team.

Despite this being the last season for the seniors on the team, the younger players intend to improve on their skills to lead them to have a successful upcoming season.

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