Venom is a very important character in the Spider-Man franchise, and after the release of the movie, Venom was quickly recognized as Spider-Man’s rival.  Sony began working on the Venom movie after the release of Spider-Man 3 where Venom made a small appearance, which left fans wanting more. After 10 years, Sony announced the Venom movie on February 8th 2018 with a planned release of October 5th, 2018. Months later, the Venom movie was finally released with mixed reviews, 7/10 IMDB, 30% Rotten tomatoes. To me. the Venom movie was a good movie and I would give it an 7/10.

The plot of this movie is about a man named Eddie Brock who was successful in life, but then a failed interview costs Eddie and his girlfriend a job. Meanwhile a man named Carlton Drake is experimenting on symbiotes, and after Eddie breaks into the facility Carlton is in, Eddie is accidentally infected with the symbiote Venom. Eddie starts to experience changes and learns there is no way to get rid of Venom and they learn to work together and take down the strongest symbiote Riot, who is trying to infect all of Earth with symbiotes.

The acting was good, especially Tom Hardy’s and Michelle Williams performances. Other acting in the movie seemed mediocre. For example Riz Ahmed, who played Carlton Drake, had unrealistic motives, but no performances were bad enough to be noticeable.

A main component of the movie is the CGI. To me the CGI in this movie was pretty good, but some moments in the movie were not done well. Highlights of the movies were when Venom bites off heads and when Venom protects Eddie from danger. The fight scenes are where the Venom movie shines, because they left me on my toes.

The soundtrack was good, but it didn’t necessarily stand out. However, the songs matched the scenes they were in well. Eminem even made a song called “Venom” for the credit section of the movie which was great. If you are going to see the movie, I would recommend sitting through the credits to see the after credit scene that implies a sequel for the movie and even sets up the villain.

The humor of the movie worked really well. The humor was definitely the best between the interactions of Eddie and Venom, especially when the symbiote first attaches to Eddie, and the cravings that Eddie experiences because of Venom. The humor is very entertaining and is good filler for the non-action parts of the movie.

Finally the lore, the lore is a huge part of Marvel movies and this movie is very good in setting up a fictional world. This movie takes place in an alternate universe where Spider-Man never existed. This change is very interesting as it leaves Venom being the good guy and even fighting evil, which left a whole new world for fans to explore. In conclusion Venom is a very good movie and I would definitely recommend this to you if you’re a Marvel fan or a Spider-Man fan.  

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