Applications Open for Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program 2019

Mayor Gary Christenson. Photo from 2016-2017 Blue & Gold archives.

Mayor Gary Christenson is currently accepting applications for the Summer Youth Employment Program up until April 5th. Even though the program was in place prior to the mayor being in office, his goal “was to strengthen the program and afford more kids the opportunity to participate.” For this to happen, the city has incorporated a line item into the budget and also received private grants.

The mayor’s summer youth employment program, also known as MSYEP, collaborates with the community and government agencies to provide an extensive variety of first or early work experiences. A committee will do their best to line up experience, preference and skill level to place applicants accordingly.

Each year over 500 students apply, all applications are read and reviewed and all applicants get a chance to be interviewed. The interviews are carried out in a professional manner by community leaders, city officials and teachers. Christenson says that “[they] typically have enough funding for between 250 and 300 students.”

There are over 50 job sites that offer jobs to youth. Employment opportunities are offered at places such as the senior center, schools and colleges, the library, local organizations and even the mayor’s office.

The program lasts for six weeks and the work hours differ depending on the job and age of the applicant. After an applicant fills out the online form, they will be notified on or before April 15 about their interview. However, being invited to an interview does not guarantee a job placement. The interviews will take place during the week of April vacation (April 15-19) and if the individual is offered employment, they be alerted on or before May 31.

Then, they will attend an orientation in May. From there, youth have a mandatory safety and pre-employment training class to attend from July 1-3. There are also mandatory program classes for those that are hired and cleared to work that take place on dates varying from mid-July to early-August. Christenson says that “This is another area that [they] have worked to enhance…” and that “the program now includes a specific curriculum geared toward job readiness.” This program provides students with an experience of a formal job application process that includes resume building and learning interview skills.

Youth begin officially working on July 8th and end on August 16th (these dates can differ slightly based on placement). 14-15 year olds are allowed to work for a maximum of 10-12 hours per week and 16-21 year olds can work 20-22 hours per week. Even though this program runs through the summer, there are no vacation allowances nor compensation for sick days.

Last year, they had an overwhelming response from applicants and were unable to place everyone. This year they will begin the process by taking into consideration the people on the waitlist. That means if you applied and were not offered a job last year, you will be ensured an interview. The goal of the program is to give everyone an equal opportunity which is why two years is the average number of time people go through the program, with a maximum of three.

Overall, the MSYEP has benefited many young Maldonians and even helped some people realize what they may want to do later in life. If you are between the ages of 14-21 and a resident of Malden, applying for the program is definitely recommended if you are looking to gain experience and earn some money from it. You can fill out the application and learn more at

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