Mayor Has Lunch With Raffle Winner

The Annual Senior Barbeque has been a tradition of Mayor Gary Christenson since he has been in office. Christenson stated that this annual event is “an opportunity for [them] to give back to [the seniors of Malden],” and also “offer them a fun time to spend with their friends.” 

During the Annual Senior Barbeque, all the attendees were given one ticket that was entered in a raffle. The winner is always picked at random and one of the prizes of the raffle was winning lunch with the mayor. 

Every year the mayor allows the winner to choose the restaurant they have lunch at. This year’s winner, Bao Cai Win, chose to have lunch at Yong Yong, a Chinese cuisine restaurant, in Malden. 

Bao Cai Win and Mayor Christenson having lunch together. Photo from the mayor's instagram page.


Christenson values his connection and relationship with the seniors of Malden. He believes that hosting these kinds of events provides him “the opportunity to [...] hear about their issues and concerns,” but more importantly “learn from the experiences they share with [him].”

Julie Yu

Julie Yu is a senior returning to the Blue and Gold as Editor-in-Chief. Yu has been taking journalism since her freshman year. She initially joined the class in hopes of improving her writing skills but primarily intended to report on sports news. Through the class, she established a love and appreciation for the Malden community and local news. Yu’s goals for her last year are to be proud and confident of the class’s lasts such as the last article, the last newspaper, and more. Alongside that Yu hopes to teach the ins and outs of journalism to the newcomers this year, as well as the previous editors once taught her. Despite the love that she has developed for journalism through the years, Yu plans to pursue a career in the medical field and ultimately become a pediatrician.

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