Eric London is the new science teacher here at Malden High. London grew up in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, went to the University of Rhode Island and majored in Microbiology. London has been teaching for 3 years. London’s favorite hobbies are “going to the beach, listening to Jimmy Buffet, changing [his] baby’s diaper, playing basketball, watching football, and reading.”  

Eric London is a new science teacher here at Malden High. Photo taken by Anna Silva.

Before coming to Malden High, he was going to veterinary school. What led him to become a teacher is because “[London] wants his students to be interested in science because of his class.” The reason he came to Malden High was that “[London’s] life was brought to Malden High. [He] heard great things about the school, and [he] wanted to be a part of it.” 

What London likes about Malden High so far is that “despite its size, there is a sense of community. The students and faculty are friendly and supportive of each other.” His achievements as a teacher for this year are to “change a lot of students’ opinions on science because they are afraid of the subject, they don’t feel it’s relevant to their lives or they’re worried they won’t understand it. [London wants] to change that.”

Shannon Votaw is the Science Teacher Leader and Biology teacher here at Malden High. What made London stand out from most of the other teachers was the fact that “[London] has an extensive background and experience in Biology as well as teaching experience.” What makes him different than the other science teachers here at the high school is that “when [Votaw] was interviewing London, it was easy to see that [London] had a passion for Biology.” London tries to focus his attention on motivate students and get them involved as much as possible “in labs and other hands-on activities.” Votaw says that the Science Department is really excited to have London as part of the science department.

Most of London’s students would say that he is “a teacher who wants his students to know more about science.” They would say that he is “an energetic teacher who tries to make the most out science with labs and fun activities.” London makes science more interesting due to what he does for his students and how he approaches science with his students by labs, mini projects and much more.

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