Project Revamp

Project Revamp is a new club to Malden High this year that was started by Junior Natalie Pham. The club’s mission is to give back to the community by collecting clothes and repurposing them, then giving the clothes to those in need through local charities. 

Pham shared how the idea for Project Revamp was something she “always wanted to do since [she] was little.” What drew her to repurposing clothes at a young age was that it was an “outlet for creativity” and how now she wants to make an “impact on others and let them feel better about themselves through self expression.” 

Pham expressed her idea to her friends at the end of the last school year, and they were all quick to assist her in making it a reality, with Pham as club president and people who helped her as fellow officers. Treasurer Elaine Du explained that what motivated her to participate was that the club would “allow [them] to give to a good cause as well as have fun and create bonds with others.” Volunteer Coordinator Sheilly Patel added that what motivated herself to do the club was the art portion, stating that she “always enjoyed art” and combining that with community service, how could she pass off that kind of opportunity?

Club officers also include Tiannah Macheri as vice president, Julie Yu as secretary, Melissa Tan as fellow Volunteer Coordinator, Aaliyan Smith as Historian, Suiyenah Chen as Social Media Coordinator, and both Billy Zheng and Vicky Pham as the club’s recruiters. Every one of the officers hopes that the club will have a positive impact on many and would be an appealing idea to students of the school as it is a process that requires many hands on deck. 

Project Revamp offers during their Halloween bake sale.
(From left to right) Volunteer Coordinator Sheilly Patel, Vice President Tiannah Macharia, President Natalie Pham, Secretary Julie Yu, and Recruiter Billy Zeng.
Photo taken by Sandra Rivadeneira

Since the club will revolve around clothing, Patel shared that they plan to obtain their clothing materials by holding “various fundraisers, as well as donation drives around the school.” With the money collected during their fundraising events, they plan to purchase thrift store clothing and bring them in so that club members can be part of the creative process. 

“It’s a process that’s going to make everyone feel good about themselves,” stated Du, “and it’s also something that we cannot do alone. [Project Revamp] is going to be very fun!”  

The officers have already held a Halloween bake sale which Patel deemed as “successful,” and a “good initiation to start up the club.” Pham expressed how the outcome of their first fundraiser was a huge relief as she “didn’t know what to expect from it,” and was overwhelmed by the support given by so many students. Project Revamp’s next step is an interest meeting, being held in J372 on Thursday, November 7th. 

“It’s a great way to meet new people and share your inner creativity,” Pham said, “and we really hope people enjoy the process and being part of it and bringing a smile to other people’s faces.”

Sandra Rivadeneira

Sandra Rivadeneira is a junior at Malden High School and a current reporter for the Blue and Gold. She has always been interested in Journalism and how valuable the class is in expanding her knowledge on writing. Rivadeneira feel[s] that she is “giving back to the community in a way,” especially when someone like the mayor acknowledges her work. Outside of the class, she plays softball for the school and is the DECON Chair for Key Club. She also enjoys watching sitcoms and cooking shows. After high school, Rivadeneira hopes to pursue a career in international relations and affairs, and feel[s] that journalism class helps to prepare her for it. This year she is most excited to be writing and contributing to the class more.

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