On Sunday afternoon, October 27th, an event called the Zumbathon occurred. It took place at the YMCA as a fundraiser for a Live Strong program, which is an exercise class for survivors of cancer. The event is also completely free for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Programs like this help the workers raise funds to make the class free. 

Diego Nascimento, the organizer of this event, was amazed to have brought the Zumba instructors together. He states that it gets the instructors and members “really involved.” He feels they have a “significant”  time dancing together. As he takes on the role of managing, he not only greets members but also engages himself in the dancing. Nascimento feels that it is where the community can “come together and have fun” where prizes and shirts are also given out. 

A table is fully set at the entrance of the event that matches the theme of the occasion. Photo taken by Olivia Descilien.

Nascimento mentions that the Zumbathon takes place every year near the end of October during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nascimento shares that they are “beyond” just a group exercise program and that they do many nonprofit organizations. There are many things done in the community for people to raise awareness in living a healthy lifestyle.

Betty Descilien, a Zumba instructor, is licensed to teach Zumba Toning, Zumba Kids, and Kids Jr. She has been teaching for three months and shared that every class feels like a “party” and is also very “stress-relieving.” The music style that is often played is Latin Rhythms, Azonto, Merengue, and Reggaeton, with Afrobeats and Reggaeton as the top two favorites. 

Descilien noticed that the members around her are very positive which makes her feel good, and is also seen as energetic and graceful with her movements. Descilien was glad to play a part in the Zumbathon and collaborate with the other instructors. 

Betty Descilien and Diego Nascimento have goals to expand the Zumba company throughout the community and hope that members continue to be alert for other events that take place at the YMCA as well. 

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