The Girls Indoor Track team has had a tremendous season, having an undefeated record so far. Being another Malden High team that is back in the Greater Boston League (GBL) after three years, they continue to push through a successful season and overcome the challenges that they planned on prior to the season’s beginnings. 

“[His] hope for every season is to be undefeated as a team and to have individual successes to be state qualifiers,” David Londino, the head coach, summarized. Not only are they going into a league that is showing signs of intense competitions for the season, but are also depending mostly on seniors.

They do not have any “glaring challenges,” Londino stated, “[that is] why one of the goals is to develop younger members of the team.” The first thing to focus on during the season was filling the gaps that were left of the previous graduating class in events such as hurdles, that 2019 graduates really stepped up to dominate. 

Aside from being “very senior-heavy” the track team is also “top-end-talent heavy,” Londino added. So as the seniors continue to shine during their last season as part of the indoor track team, the transition into filling in the gaps will allow younger team members to grow into varsity positions.

Returning to the GBL is an exciting aspect of the new season for the team as they now go back to competing against neighboring schools and avoid the hour-long bus rides of the previous seasons. Londino, who had competed as an athlete and spent many years coaching in the GBL, says that the Northeastern Conference (NEC) gave them “a lot of really great competition” in which they benefited from and can now bring something newer and bigger to the meets. 

Changes into the overall Indoor Track team coaching staff this year include coach Matthew Dowaliby, being bumped up to head coach alongside Londino, with Marc Ferrara being the assistant coach in throwing, and Michel-le Miranda as an assistant coach for sprints. 

The key is that everybody should be invested in the team’s success, and as a result, coaches are really looking into the team to work together, as well as make self-improvements. With all that and their strong start, the team is looking at a great season and a strong end.

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