Photo Gallery: Al Locke Basketball Game – The Heats v. The Warriors

Al Locke is a basketball league for 7-9th graders. The league was founded by Al Locke 79 years ago and was working with the league until he passed away in his 80’s. Players from all schools across Malden, including the middle schools, Malden Highschool, Malden Catholic and Wakefield Vocational students participate in this league. Players are sorted into different teams based on actual NBA teams who all play against each other at least once if not multiple times. The teams practice at Salemwood every Thursday from early December to late March and play every Saturday from early December to late March. The league even has a Finals Bracket and a championship game. This game took place on January 25th, between the Heat and Warriors, and was actually the first game between the two championship game teams, after the initial game. Hopefully Al Locke continues to thrive in Malden as it seems many aspiring basketball players enjoy consistently enrolling in the program. All photos by Liam O'Toole.

Liam O'Toole

Liam O’Toole is a sophomore at Malden High School, and returning reporter to the Blue and Gold. He joined the class freshman year due to his interest in photography and editing. Outside of school, O’toole likes to hang out with friends and play video games, such as Wii Sports. He also likes to watch his favorite show, Spongebob Squarepants, and listen to rap music. O’Toole is especially looking forward to improving in school as a whole this year.

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