MHS Introduces New Club: Dance Team

Juliana Luong began the Malden High School dance team on January 15, 2020. They meet every Wednesday from 2:30-3:45 in the Jenkins Auditorium. 

Luong states that “[she has] been a dancer for most of [her] life and [she has] always wanted to bring it to school. When [she] found out [she] could make a dance team [she] did everything in [her] power to make it so that boys and girls like [her] could have the same opportunity.” Despite Luong’s extensive experience with dancing she stated that “people who want to join don't have to have experience and any idea is good.”

 To start the dance team Luong began to choreograph a competition dance but the MHS dance team is mainly “focusing on having more and more experience and picking up choreography faster.” Luong states that even though it may be “difficult” learning and memorizing dance combinations every week, she believes that “meeting new people and making new friends is very beneficial.” 

One of the members of the MHS dance team Leilah Saint-Fort is “thrilled” to have the opportunity provided by the dance team.  Saint-Fort believes that “creating a community of people with something in common” will only strengthen the Malden High School community. 

If you are looking for a “comfortable” environment to begin your dancing join the Malden High School dance team.

Kiley Fray

Kiley Fray is a freshman at Malden High School. She also represents Malden in a non-profit organization called Project 351 where she helps out the community. She is a part of Malden High School’s Junior Varsity Field Hockey team. Fray also enjoys softball and is a part of the Feminist club. She does not like to listen to music much. Instead she enjoys watching Netflix, specifically Girlboss. When she graduates Malden High School she aspires to become a lawyer.

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