MHS Students Receive Associates Degree

The Dual Enrollment Program is a program in which Malden High School and Bunker Hill Community College partner together to provide degrees to students. If a student takes the program, they can earn college credits or even a degree, at the same time of finishing their high school education.

In order to help more of the people who are interested in the program make a decision, we interviewed a student who graduated from the program, Christine Dumo.

What was the reason that you joined the BHCC Dual Enrollment program?

I joined BHCC Dual Enrollment because I wanted to get a head start on the college experience. I had actually taken one class in the spring of 2019 before joining BHCC early college and I realized I enjoyed that classroom setting more than normal high school. I was also intrigued because I would have significantly more time to work because I didn’t need to be in class every day, in fact my first year I only had school 2-3 times a week

What is the most recent class that you have taken in the program?

I have taken five classes recently this spring semester, these are: 

  1. BIO 105-01: Intro to Biology
  2. BIO 111-WB: Food Nutrition
  3. CRJ 101-02: Intro to Criminal Justice
  4. LIT 201- WB2: Intro to Literature
  5. INT 101-01: Intro to Yoga Studies

What was the most difficult class you have taken in the program?

I am not really sure what class was the hardest, I think for me either Precalculus or Intro to Literature. My professor was really great for Precalculus which is why I did really well, but it had a ton of course work. The same went for Literature. The course was web based so I only needed to complete assignments weekly instead of going to an online class, but it was really hard because there was so much to do in so little time. 

Were there any points where perseverance was a must to continue?

Yes of course, when switching to an online setting mid-semester last year, my course load for some classes became really demanding. I had a lot of issues going on in my personal life and transitioning to an environment so foreign to me didn’t help my case as well as the whole pandemic. However, I knew that I needed to see through to the finish line, so I pushed myself to complete all my work. I am glad I didn’t quit my junior year because now I will be accomplishing such a major task this young.

Overall, do you think it is a good or a bad thing that you took the program?

I think joining BHCC Dual enrollment was 100% the best thing I ever did. Personally, high school was much more difficult than early college. I barely had a social life and being honest the workload seemed more grueling than college work. When I joined early college I was so nervous about judgement from other college kids but in fact that became the opposite. I have met a lot of amazing people who helped me through this entire process, especially Mrs. Fornash and Gretchen Lahey, whom I will forever be grateful to. This program has helped me pave a path for my career and has given me so many opportunities for my future endeavors.  

Is there anything that you would like to say to people who want to take the program?

For those who want to take this program I would like to say take advantage of opportunities like this. It is very rare to be offered free college classes let alone an entire degree. So don’t be afraid of “Missing the High School Experience” when you join because you make wonderful memories regardless of where you are. I urge anyone who is dedicated and eager to enrich their education further, by joining the BHCC Dual Enrollment program.

The BHCC is a difficult program. It has high workloads and demands the best from those who enter. However, many people consider that a worthy challenge, and sign up for the program. Those who succeed receive many benefits, and to a lot of people, those benefits are worth the shot.

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