An Update on the Junior and Senior Student Councils

With plans for junior class re-elections to happen in October, and the search for the Class of 2024 and 2025 class advisors officially on, the Class of 2022 and 2023 have been busy at work themselves.

As of right now, the junior class has one main goal, “trying to build up some money for the class,” as their advisor Michael Lightbody stated. 

Junior Varieties is an annual event at Malden High School, organized by the junior class. Lightbody mentioned they would be “trying to push for the best show [they] can.” Trying to get students involved, forming committees, and hosting auditions, are all in the works, as the council works towards hosting the biggest fundraiser of the year.

The Class of 23 is also trying to lock in a prom site before the end of the year, as Lightbody said, they will have a target to meet their “funding needs,” to ensure that the “prices are as reasonable as possible,” for students when prom officially arrives. 

Isabella Ivy, Secretary of the junior class, expressed that she will “try and help out as much as [she] can with the fundraising,” so that they can work towards having at least one fundraiser a month. She also mentioned that they will try and work alongside the student body to see “what else they want to do this year.”

As for the Class of 2022, class advisor Daniel Jurkowski stated that they are “all about fundraising” for senior activities such as prom, pep rally, helping cover the yearbook fee, senior merch, and more.

The Class of 2022 and volunteers at their most recent car wash. Photo submitted from the Class of 2022.

Sammi Nie, senior class treasurer, explained that they want students to be involved as much as possible because “[they’re] all distanced from each other a lot.” This creates a good opportunity to bring people together while also raising money.

The prom venue for this year has all already been chosen, and the date has been set. Unfortunately, the place “[they] originally wanted was booked,” said Nie, but they found another one in Boston. The seniors are working on fundraising as much as possible, aiming for at least one fundraiser a month, because the venue is “very expensive,” Jurkowski mentioned. They plan to raise enough money so that prom tickets are affordable for students.

Fundraising aside, their ultimate goal is “to make sure everyone can try to have the best senior year possible.” Jurkowski feels that since it has been a long two years, their main goal is to make sure that their seniors enjoy themselves as much as possible, so that “everybody has a memorable final year at Malden High.” 

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