Get Your Pom-Poms Ready – Cheer Team Somersaults Into A New Season

Sophomore Victoria Moran cheering for the Malden High School Football Team. Photo by Brandon Wong.

The Malden High School Cheer Team had a tremendous amount of energy coming into their debut night. Every cheer was worth watching and listening to. The crowd members were drawn in and gave back the energy that revved up the players to get back in the game and play hard.

On September 16, 2021, Malden High School’s Football Team played their first game of the season. The cheerleaders projected their voices across the field and into the stands. During cheers or immediately after them, the players had a noticeable change in their effort during plays.

Mackenzie Smith, the senior captain of the Malden High cheer team, gave her perspective on the start of their 2021 season. “I felt like the crowd was poppin’ and everyone was excited to be back,” Smith said, recalling the opening game. “Having all that support was awesome and despite the score; there was spirit.”

Smith is in her fourth year of cheerleading and lately has been reminiscing about her previous seasons. “It feels bittersweet because I’ve been cheering throughout high school.” Smith recalls. “It's remarkable to have been here this long and the team is making me feel special.” 

As a senior captain of the cheer team, Smith has been calling most of the shots. “I lead the team through their cheer and make a lot of decisions.”, says Smith. “In a way, I’m the backbone for all the girls.”

Kimberlee Smith, a freshman at Malden High and a newcomer to the cheer team, gave her thoughts on her very first game cheering. “I was surprised at the amount of people in the crowd,” She stated after remembering the moment. “The game was fun and I wish the outcome was better, but overall [it was] a good night.”

Kimberlee is having a great time cheering so far. “Having something like cheer being one of your first high school experiences is great and when you’re there you become part of a real team,” Kimberlee believes. “I thought the commitment was a lot at first, but it eventually fit into my schedule and I really enjoy being there.”

Of course with being a new member of the team comes with lots of practice and training. “So far I’ve been learning the cheers, which took [her]a while to get down pat in time for the first game, which I did.”, recalls Kimberlee. “We just did the first game, got all of the schedules set, so now we have lots of practices and fundraising in our midst.”

Both the Smiths are looking forward to seeing what the future games hold. “I feel the [football] team is working hard and now they have players back that they can win with,” said Mackenzie.

“With the team working three times a week for better outcomes it is easy to have hope for awesome games throughout the season, there is definitely potential for improvement.” Kimberlee mentioned.

Mackenzie enjoys cheering because of how it makes her environment feel. “I am part of a very spirited team and after the pandemic, doing sports and cheering on the athletes is an important way to get the crowd involved again.” Mackenzie adds.

Kimberlee is making new relationships through cheer. “I enjoy how close I am with the other girls on the team, it's a good way to start high school and I enjoy my environment.” she says.

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