Photo taken by Zachary Nedell.

Janelle Jalbert is a new teacher working with the new Recognizing Individual Success Everyday (R.I.S.E) program at Malden High School after coming off 14 years of paraprofessional work at Peabody public schools. 

Mastrangelo explained that “[MHS was] starting a whole new program this year called the R.I.S.E Program, which is a therapeutic program. [MHS] needs clinicians, and . . .  also needs academic support. Jalbert is our STEM academic support person; she is going to oversee the students and assist them with their math and science work.”

Jalbert was born in Salem, MA and she has stayed in the area for most of her life. Her high school education was at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and Jalbert has two older brothers and one dog. She believes that “everyone can learn in all different ways so [she] tries to find that way and cater to that style.”

Although this is her first teaching job, she “always loved working with teenagers and helping them become the best human beings,” and Principal Mastrangelo has noticed “[she’s] got a great classroom set up; it’s very small, intimate and really welcoming. She seems to be very excited about being here.”

Mastrangelo added, “the experience that she had was exactly what Malden High School needed for this position.” He remarked that “[she] had put [her] time in and was ready to make [a] move and [Masterangelo] was excited that Malden High School gets this opportunity.” Additionally, “[he] is thrilled because it was hard with more schools competing for fewer applicants.”

Lisa Kingsley, the Pathways and Therapeutic Program Manager, noticed that “[Jalbert] is an exceptional listener for students; she really wants to understand where her students are coming from and what they have to say,” and Kinglsey thinks “our students benefit from that greatly.”

Jalbert enjoys that Malden High School is warm and welcoming and “[she] would love to stay here. Everyone has made [her] first months of teaching a great experience.” Kingsley wanted to drive home the point of “Just how lucky [MHS is] to have her.”

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