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Free Guy came out in theaters on August 13th, 2021. The movie covers topics of friendship, kindness and peace, as seen by an emphasis for peaceful video games over violent ones, and a message of choosing good deeds over violent acts. 

In the movie, Free City is a video game where players can take part in action-packed missions like spy jobs or bank robberies. Although Free City is a video game, it has developed its own main character named Guy. Guy has spent his entire life in a programmed loop with the same routine every day.

He began his day by saying hi to his pet fish, getting dressed, going to work, spending time with his best friend Buddy and returning home to do the same thing all over again. Breaking this cycle is Millie, a participant in Free City, the game in which Guy resides. How? Well, he is developing feelings for her. However, since Millie isn’t a playable character and is just in Free City to gather evidence for a lawsuit she’s filing against the game’s developer, Antoine, who knows if Guy will get the reciprocal affection he craves.

Millie and Keys, another character, thought that Guy was a real-life person who hacked the game and was using an NPC (non-playable character), but Guy was just a normal NPC, and they realized they had made something really magnificent and unimaginable. They had made an artificial life with the codes they used for Guy and everyone in Free City. Millie found out why Guy was in love with her. Turns out, Keys coded uy to love someone based off of Millie, because Keys was the one that loved her in real life. 

Free Guy has a score of 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Most of the critics gave it a 3 out of 5 and have said things such as “highly enjoyable and wonderfully funny, with almost as much heart as high-octane special FX sequences.” One particular critic said, “Free Guy is admittedly derivative, but it also has a huge heart, a lot of souls and a sneakily sly, ingenious, and subversive plot which belies its’ day-glow, confectionary, high-gloss finish.” 

I have to agree with the previous statement because throughout the movie, Guy shows that he has a really big heart and does not want to show anything but love, which was really heart-felt to me. It was an enjoyable movie to watch overall and I would rate this movie an 8 out of10 because the plot was consistent and teaches valuable lessons, like how no matter what, you should always do what you want and that violence is not always the answer. There are also many  parts where it is too hard not to crack a smile.

While I would recommend this movie to anyone, it does have inappropriate language so I would be cautious of younger viewers. If you like Ryan Reynolds, he is really funny in Free Guy, and every movie he stars in is full of his sarcastic humor. 

Though the plot of Free Guy can be considered generic, the performance of the actors and its production was what makes the movie worth seeing.  

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