Late last year, global K-pop girl group Twice released their highly anticipated album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3 on November 12th, with a total of 16 tracks. 

Only two songs in the album had music videos. The title track, “Scientist” which was promoted on a variety of music shows, as well as the prerelease single “The Feels.” 

Formula of Love: O+T=<3 has been well received by the general public, and many expressed that it had a wide range of versatility. Senior Ariana Peguero felt that “every song on the album is so catchy, the vocals sound amazing and everyone in the group had at least one song where they especially shined.”

Junior Eric Tang mentioned that “every single song on it delivers its own unique style. I really enjoyed it.”

Though “Scientist” is the designated title track, Twice fans had mixed feelings on whether it should have been “Last Waltz.” Many thought it lacked title track material, and that it was missing the certain spark that makes a title track shine more. However, fans  such as Peguero believe that Scientist “shines as the title track,,” and that the B-sides work well next to the title to make it a great album.

Fansonline agreed that “Last Waltz” was incredible and strong, and some even argued that it should have replaced Scientist as the title track. Tang chose “Last Waltz” as his favorite song on the album, “it gives off ‘Cry For Me’ vibes.” (Cry For Me was a song also released by Twice on December 18, 2020). Tang goes on to say it  is “stuck in his head, reminding him of Sana’s amazing high note in the song.”

Formula of Love: O+T=<3 also has a very versatile concept making it easy for others who may not be into pop music to enjoy. Peguero described it as “the perfect mix of pop songs such as ‘F.I.L.A’, sentimental ballads such as ‘Cactus’, and slightly cheesy but still addicting songs such as HELLO.” 

Of course like any other album, there's bound to be a least popular song. Fans had trouble picking one, as they felt it was an incredibly good album. Peguero ended up choosing “Candy, but that’s not saying much considering I still love that song.”

Nowadays people are always sharing their favorite albums and songs with one another and this album is not any different. “There's something for everyone in this album. It has the power to turn a normal person into a ONCE,” Tang said.

Of the 16 songs, three were unit songs. “PUSH & PULL” which was performed by members Jihyo, Sana and Dahyun. “HELLO” was performed by Nayeon, Momo and Chaeyoung, while the last unit song “1, 3, 2” was performed by Jeongyeon, Mina and Tzuyu. When first announced, the unit idea was definitely well taken by everyone, and the songs were performed during their 4th World Tour, which will soon hit the United States.

Check out the “Scientist” music video below, and check out their Spotify for the rest of the album!

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