Disappointing End to Boys Basketball Season

That’s a wrap for the winter season, folks, as the Boys Varsity Basketball team reflects on their season. The team fell short on their preseason goals as players faced many injuries, missed players on the court, and not being able to qualify for the state tournament. 

“We were very unlucky in that sense. Some seasons you have very minimal injuries, but this season we had plenty,” Daniel Jurkowski, coach of the boys basketball team stated. 

“It is hard knowing that your best players are hurt, I got hurt too,” Junior Justin Bell, one of the captains, said.

The team realizes that there are many changes that need to be made. Jurkowski said, “we need to get kids in the weight room and really focus on our offseason program… We need to learn from last season to make sure it doesn't happen again.” Both Jurkowski and the team do not want the same mistakes being made next season. 

Though the team did have its lows, they made up for the fact because the players got closer and got to know one another a little better, building strong connections. “I also want it to be fun,” Ryan Dalencour expressed. Dalencour goes on to say how he wants to lead by example, to show his players that they can bring their full potential to the games and still have fun while doing it. 

Throughout the season, they had brought in some of the freshmen and sophomores to get ready for play, which will be a benefit for the team in the future.

“They gained some valuable experience and will be counted on for next season,” Jurkowski stated. He is confident and counting on both Bell and Jonald Joseph to lead the team next winter season. 

“I know they are very determined to have a successful final year and leave their mark,” he said. 

The team did not win as many games as they wanted to win, due to disruptions during their season. This puts them in a position where a lot of people are doubting them, but they are willing to work harder and do better next season.

Boys basketball members on their senior night. Photo submitted by Jason Ong.

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