Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie poster.

On Feb. 18th, 2022, Netflix released the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is the ninth installment and a sequel of the original movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, released in 1974. The sequel received 32% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and a 30% audience score. 

Fans say Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel is gory, but it isn't very scary -- and it definitely doesn't help that the story hardly makes any sense. 

The franchise continuation, in my opinion, was not needed. The original movie released in 1973 invoked fear and gave people nightmares, fearing a madman with a chainsaw would attack them at night. 

The sequel of the movie is boring and it is not worth watching multiple times. It is not one of those movies you can watch over and over again, never getting old. There are a handful of violent and gory scenes which make the movie somewhat enjoyable, but this sequel does not have a good story behind it. Although it mentions the past killings, the movie writers could have gotten deeper into the actual story instead of just making Leatherface go on a killing rampage. 

The storyline of the movie would have been better if the writers went deeper into Leatherface’s life like they did in the first released movie. One could find the movie almost disrespectful for real horror fans of the originals.

The post-credits scene when Leatherface returns to the original house where the first killings took place gives the audience a nostalgic feeling. The incorporation of this one scene made the whole movie better, mentioning events from the original movies instead of adding a bunch of new plotlines that were not needed, such as new characters and new places. In the original movie, Leatherface was not in an orphanage, but rather a big white house where killings took place.

I would rate the movie a six out of ten. It was humorous and they did not hold off on the gory scenes, which made the movie somewhat enjoyable. The point of scary movies is for it to be scary, something this movie failed at. 

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