Vanessa Portillo Ramos and Dorothy Michel also contributed to this article. 

Members of the Haitian Club bake sale selling plantain chips. Photo by Nora Hounain.

Selling delicious brownies with a rich chocolate flavor, tasty cookies and plantain chips, the Haitian Club hosted a bake sale on March 29th, 2022.

The club’s purpose is to help earn money for Haiti so they can provide necessities like food, shelter, water and even a library for the people living there.

Junior Nehemie Joseph explained how important the club was to them as they want to help the community in Haiti with their struggles and get a better understanding of their situation.

Many people came to show support for the bake sale. The members of the club feel like their bake sale was a huge success and exceeded their expectations.

The brownies and cookies were two dollars each, the papitas chips were three dollars each, sodas were two dollars each and water was 50 cents each. In preparation for the bake sale, the club hung coupons around the school walls which ran out fast. There were coupons such as getting a free drink and 20 cents off on any item.

The members of the Haitian Club originally came together as a group to come up with different ideas on how to raise money and provide necessities for a library on the island La Gonave.

“At first, the club was pretty slow but then we started to pick up speed and we got more members, people contributing, sharing ideas and everyone doing their own thing,” Junior Christel Jean Baptiste said.

“We actually all gathered around the table and Mr. Paul decided we actually need to raise money. We needed to put ourselves out there and we all got it around the desk and we started putting out ideas,” she continued. French teacher Paul Degenkolb is the club’s advisor.

The club is planning to raise a thousand dollars and more with their fundraisers and has big goals ahead of them for the rest of the year. Their next bake sale is set to be on April 27th, 2022.

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