Malden High School Students Form Walkout

Full Disclosure: Ashton Calixte was involved in the protest.

On Mon. May 16, a student walkout was arranged in response to staff cuts that were declared the earlier week. The plan was to start off at the Malden High School main office entrance and walk to City Hall on Pleasant Street.

The Malden Education Association announced early on May 14th that 105 educators across the district received non-renewal letters by the office of the superintendent.

Graphic via Malden Education Association on Twitter.

In response to the outrage, Superintendent Ligia Noriega-Murphy sent out the following message.

Message sent out by Superintendent.

The beginning of the walkout was chaotic, with students crammed in the stairs leading down to the main office. The sound of helicopter blades in the distance was audible and the sun scorched the students as they stepped outside. Students flooded the streets and sidewalks and made their way down to City Hall. The Malden Police Department shut off the street so students could safely walk out. There were students holding up signs, news reporters with their cameras, journalists taking pictures and footsteps leading towards change.

When the students reached City Hall and flooded the plaza with their signs, they shouted “Bring her out,” referring to Dr. Noriega-Murphy, who many students blamed for the release of their teachers. They shouted “Save our schools!” and “Save our teachers!” Nobody came out of the city hall building. Some unidentified faces could be seen looking on through the windows. The students also shouted “Where is Gary?” referring to the Mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson, but he did not appear either.

After roughly an hour, the hundreds of students gathered in the plaza began to clear out and make their way back to Malden High School or home.

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