Class of ’22 Profile: Tivian Nguyen Event Coordinator

  Tivian Nguyen has been the Event Coordinator for Malden’s Class of 22’ for two years. Nguyen most definitely is the funniest person you will ever meet, though she doesn’t want to flex. She loves to read, and listen to music (she can’t live without it!) as well as being a bit too reckless, and saying some pretty weird things, mainly because she loves to make people laugh. “People always assume that it’s all about raising the most class funds or guiding the grade. Even though it’s partly right, I wouldn’t say it represents the student council. Student council had taught me we are the voices of many students. I’m thankful enough to have amazing people by my side that are proud about the accomplishments they have done for the students, community, and most importantly themselves,” Nguyen explained honestly. And overall Nguyen feels as though she could not have asked for a better team.

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