Girls’ Tennis Team Tops as Undefeated GBL Champs

Senior captain Abby Tang going to receive. Photo by Dani Licona-Cruz.

As the Girls’ Tennis season is finally coming to an end they are ending on a good note. One might say on a great note, as they have successfully become GBL Champions, who are currently undefeated.

Their last Official League game was on May 24, 2022, which ultimately revealed that they would be undefeated. As it was already confirmed that they were GBL champions this season.

When it comes to the team themselves Natalie Chen a Senior captain explained that, “this year we have a really strong and well-rounded team, we have a lot of new members but I’m really hopeful because we’ve gotten this far.”

According to the current Head Coach Cheryl Camassa, the girls have qualified for the State Tournament which they are looking forward to in the near future. Senior Abby Tang commented that “hopefully we do good in the State Tournament if we have one.”

But of course, the end of the season brings lots of sadness alongside the excitement of the GBLs and State Tournament. This year, Seniors N. Chen, Cynthia Nguyen, and Tang who are also captains this year are graduating from Malden High School in just two weeks.

Nguyen explained that they “haven’t had a season since sophomore year so coming back to play again was really good.” And now that she’s leaving soon she wants the underclassmen to know that she is excited for their future. “I see there's a lot of potential, I hope that when they play against each other and other schools they can grow and become even better than they are now.”

As this chapter for the Girls’ Tennis team is closing, there are still many more to come in the future. “I’m sad that it’s over but happy that we ended it off with a winning season,” explained sophomore student Chloe Chen. N. Chen is incredibly proud of the team as she described that “they’re very powerful… I’m very hopeful for their upcoming seasons without us.”

All in all Camassa describes seeing the seniors go as bittersweet since she had been coaching them since freshman year. “I would like to congratulate all the girls on the team for all the hard work they put into this season. I enjoyed coaching them all. I wish all the best to seniors Natalie, Cindy, and Abby.”

Freshman Ivana Marinkovic serving. Photo by Dani Licona-Cruz.

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