Social Media Coordinator: Lauren Mallet

Lauren Mallett is prepared to enter the next chapter of her life, leaving behind a legacy at Malden High as the Class of 2022’s social media coordinator.

Mallett was elected in December of 2020 during her junior year. She explained that she ran in hopes to “provide a good perspective” and bring her experience to the table. “I noticed there was a bit of a gap in our class’ social media presence” and “I’ve had my fair share of experience running social media accounts and doing design… and social outreach from my work with The Blue and Gold and Feminism Club and other groups that I’m a part of, and I just thought it would be fitting for me.”

Mallett also sought to be more involved in assisting the Class of 2022, as she had already been “volunteering at events… but I wanted to do more and cement myself in that, as more than just a volunteer.” She elaborated, “I am very passionate about reaching out and getting people involved and kind of making sure that everyone in our grade has the same level of communication.”

She reflected on what it felt like winning—a wave of relief, “to not have to stress about it anymore… just the sense of like, okay, ‘I did it. Now, what?’” Mallett laughed.

Mallett’s role as social media coordinator entailed a focus on social media work and community outreach. However, she described the council as “a lot more collaborative, helping each other out with the roles we each have.” 

Mallett has played an instrumental role in organizing fundraisers, JVs and prom. She has done design work for her class, including senior hoodies and programs for the Junior Varieties show. She added, “I've done outreach with administration and other grades, as well as students in our own grade. I truthfully try to do whatever I can to help my fellow officers and to make things as easy as possible for us and our peers.”

When reflecting on her goal to help with the Class of 2022, Mallett commented, “I’d like to think I have been [successful]. I know we’ve had some difficulties and I can say the same; I’ve had my own difficulties with it. But I truly-—I feel like I have, and the rest of my peers-—my other officers-—have tried our best with the circumstances we’ve been granted and regardless of what happens or what people may see, we do our best, and hopefully that’s good enough!”

Through this learning process, Mallett realized the importance of remaining focused. “It’s important to be able to put things aside and focus not on your own personal vendettas and messages, but put the greater interest of the people you’re representing first. So, for me, we’ve had some difficulties within the student council over the past few years, but something I really admire about us as a group is that we’ve always been able to put that aside and put our goals for the class first and make sure that we’re getting the work done and doing what we need to do regardless if we have stuff going on in our personal life. And we’ve all, for the most part, been there for each other.”

Aside from her role as social media coordinator, Mallett has taken all Honors courses as well as 4 APs, always having a full schedule. She is the Vice President of Feminism Club; the Treasurer of Psych Club; a member of Key Club and NHS; and, the Editor-in-Chief of The Blue and Gold.

“To our class--the Class of 2022--I just wanted to convey that, you know, we made it. We got through everything. We were able to persevere through all difficulties, and I’m proud of us! We’ve had some ups and downs… and we very much had a rollercoaster ride of a high school experience. But, I think we’re really coming out on top,” Mallett communicated.

“And, to my friends, my other officers - I want to say thank you: for being there for me and being so great!”

“I’ve done The Blue and Gold for the last four years. And I feel like, for a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I bounced back and forth between super stupid jobs.” But eventually, it came to a point where Mallett acknowledged her passion for journalism: “this is something that I could envision myself wanting to do for a long time.”

She continued, “Journalism truly has the power to change the world… there’s a lot wrong with the world, especially right now, and I just want to be able to see that change and be a part of that.”

Mallett will be attending Emerson College for the next four years, majoring in journalism. She hopes to take that as far as she can, “looking forward to having a fresh start… and becoming myself and coming into who I want to be as a person.”

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