Students Voices on Planet Fitness Membership

A good way to start summer is with a good workout and Planet Fitness is giving that opportunity as high school students are able to register a summer pass to workout at Planet Fitness for free and Students are excited and ready to start their workout at the gym.

Freshman Guilherme Da Mata Silva said, “I think it’s a great idea and I feel like students will enjoy it since it’ll give them something to do during the summer. It’ll benefit their mental and physical health with this opportunity since it is free also.”

Freshman Josue Casilles says he loves how Planet Fitness cares about student fitness and it’s a good opportunity for people who can’t afford to buy a gym membership. “Planet Fitness is one of the biggest workout gyms and it’s giving a chance for teens to not be on their phones but instead being active”.

Freshman Amber Benfield said “I think it’s good and it’ll help a lot of kids. Like kids who want to exercise but can't because it’s too much money, they can go for free and get that exercise.”

Jazmin Dominguez Herdandaz, freshman, thinks “it’s good they are giving a free pass to the high schoolers because during the summer it's good for students to do physical activities especially because most people don’t walk or move around during the summer.” 

“Also it’s great how it’s free because many people want to go to the gym but they can’t because they don’t have the money for it.”

Jazmin said she wants to go because it’s a great opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted.

Ella Yu, freshman, says “I think that the benefits the teens will get is getting a good workout and becoming stronger”. She says she doesn’t think she’ll join because she already has a membership at a different gym but the opportunity is still amazing.

Lena Nguyen, a sophomore, thinks “it’s unfair because there are adults who go there in the summer and still have to pay, so it doesn’t make it fair for everybody”. 

She continued to say, “I believe that it’ll benefit students to work out in the summer to get that summer body look, but there’s the YMCA so most people from our school go there or the weight room.”

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