Chouaib Saidi, Ada Zhang, and Elijah Etienne also contributed to the article.

With States officially out of reach, Malden High School’s Boys' Varsity Soccer team is trying to find something positive about this season.

The season did not go as well as the team hoped. “There were a lot of close games that weren’t finished off; we won't be making States this season, but hopefully next season we will do much better, and we’re working on what we can do right now for the future,” Donny Wright, captain of the varsity team, said.

Sandesh Ghimire, the only freshman on the varsity team, said he was disappointed because they “couldn’t make States.”

Defender Ednilson Lerois covering ground looking for a way to assist the offense. CHOUAIB SAIDI.

Chemistry is a vital part of any team and when asked about it, Wright said, “there are a lot of new players for the soccer team but since we have practiced every day, [the] chemistry is not too bad… At the beginning of the season, it obviously was because we lost a lot of seniors, but we’re definitely working on that.” The team has changed a great deal since many players graduated or left last year.

(Left) Defender Donny Wright covering the attacker with pressure.
(Top Right) The only freshman on Varsity this year, Sandesh Ghimire, successfully completes a throw-in.
(Bottom Right) Bradley Toussaint scanning the pitch looking for an opportunity. CHOUAIB SAIDI.

“Whenever we play and I see that intensity from everyone, everyone really wants it. You get some type of passion for the game and you feel a connection throughout the team,” Wright continued.

This type of passion was on display at the game against Gloucester, which resulted in a 4-1 win on September 26th, 2022.

Samuel Pinto, the goalkeeper, feels more “hyped” and puts in more effort when the crowd cheers for him.

The team discussing ways to improve their gameplay in the second half. CHOUAIB SAIDI.

“When I’m trying to prepare for a game, when it’s an intense game… I have to be mentally focused, thinking about trying to do my best, not making mistakes,” Pinto said. He explained that they all to have to make sure not to give the game away. 

Ghimire feels that motivation to prepare for a game is important, “I have to train hard and show that I want to play.”

(Left) Ednilson Lerois moving the ball away from the other team, while signaling his teammate to get open. CHOUAIB SAIDI.

“I always feel like it’s necessary to [elevate the team] as a captain; it's your job, that's what you always have to do—you got to get to practice, you got to motivate them for the game, you got to embrace the hunger to win,” Wright said.

“What we really have to do is work harder” and “be more positive. We [have] to really put in the 80 minutes of the game. We [have] to keep playing every second of the game and we can’t stop,” Wright said.

Coach Smith hopes for his team to bring their hard work and play not only for victories. 

Goalkeeper Samuel Pinto calmly preparing to set the ball down on the ground to provide it to the team. CHOUAIB SAIDI

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