Malden High Celebrates First Homecoming by Class of 2025

Homecoming is something a lot of teenagers look forward to. It’s something we’ve always seen in movies. Malden High School celebrated its first homecoming this year, which was organized by the class of 2025.

According to the class of '25 vice president, Huong Ly, “we wanted to start a new tradition at our school where students could get involved. The idea of homecoming always piqued our interest but our school didn’t have a homecoming like many other schools, so we wanted to bring homecoming to reality.”

President of the class of '25 Lovely Anne Gerochi, added, “we came up with many themes for homecoming. Our original theme was going to be wonderland. When we were brainstorming homecoming themes, Huong was the one who suggested ‘starry night’ and after listening to our peers’ opinions about their thoughts on wonderland, we decided to change homecoming’s theme to starry night.”

Zineb Laghzaoui, a junior, stated that making homecoming a part of Malden High School’s tradition would be a great idea, especially because “our school doesn’t really have school dances apart from the senior prom.”

Ly reported that there were some difficulties leading up to homecoming. The council needed to find a way to please everyone but in a realistic manner and with the budget they had. “As I said, this was our first-ever homecoming at Malden High School. We knew the dance was not going to be like those we saw in Disney shows or Netflix movies. A lot of people weren’t pleased with the homecoming dance set in the courtyard but we had to work with the budget we had. We had to come up with ideas that our peers would enjoy while also being accessible to everyone!”

Freshman Omar Chouiki, expressed that he looked forward to having homecoming again because it was a “fun time for everyone.”

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