Malden High’s Cheerleading Team Welcomes New Coach Jazmine Dessert

Aiden Luciano also contributed to this article.

Anticipation was through the roof as Malden High School welcomed Jazmine Dessert, the new coach for the cheer team, and their new captains. 

Sophomore Isabella Truong thought the captains were great and even mentioned that “they're very supportive of us, and they're always trying to help us do better.” 

Truong thought the season started off great but they “had a couple of bumps,” though she ultimately feels that the team has really progressed. Others such as sophomore Saniah Charles also only had positive things to say about the captains.

However, this year they will not be competing as Coach Dessert thinks that “high school cheer is supposed to be fun and not so competitive.” In the time they took to take a break from competing, they grew the bond they had with each other. 

Cheerleaders discuss during the game. Photo by Nathan Dean.

Julisa Ramrez, a junior agrees with the coach's decision not to compete. Junior, Jessica Nguyen is also fond of this year's coach. Nguyen even goes on to say, “I think she's really sweet and values our opinions.” 

Nguyen is relieved about not having to cheer competitively this year as it gives her “more time to complete school work.” However, Nguyen is also mildly disappointed as she hoped to compete this year and was looking forward to it.

The team is thrilled to have the opportunity to cheer at Fenway, three days before Thanksgiving. Ramrez stated that she is “excited. I think it's going to be fun but nerve-wracking.” Ramrez felt this way as she was new to the team and to cheerleading after going on a break since she was 11.

Overall, the cheer team has strengthened their bond with one another and has brought new importance to cheerleading as it is no longer just about competing but about working on themselves, and their team.


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