The cross country team is nearing the end of their season, most recently competing against Chelsea on October 12th. After a win against Everett and a loss against Somerville, the team’s record thus far is 5-4. 

Their meet against Everett was quite uneventful. The course of the day was long and circuitous, going around Pine Banks Park and traveling through the trees. The team performed well and won handily, with Malden’s runners occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions in the final table.

The team had been consistently improving week to week, and there were no significant mishaps against Everett, one of their toughest rivals. Coach Sean Weldon noted that he had “a lot of athletes new to cross country this year, and they have been putting in a lot of time and effort every day to get where they are today.” He admired the sportsmanship of the respective teams and thought that it was a good thing that Malden’s fans cheered both for Malden and for Everett.

Co-captain Nicholas Duggan echoed that sentiment: “Cross country is a team sport, but it’s reliant on the person…what I saw today [was] that everyone was pushing themselves to give their best effort.” This seemed to be a position that can be echoed by most athletes, as Malden’s best performing athlete for the day, Rolando Meija, also gave his two cents on the day: “I did better than before, but could be better because I ended up slowing down.”

Captain Brill added that there were some minor things that the team could work on in order to get the most out of them. He elaborated that the team was making “leaps and strides” compared to their previous position.
Boy’s cross country appears to be in a favorable position, as they have created quite a powerful team, and Malden’s squad is armed and ready to shock the GBL. Their next match will be at the GBL invitationals.

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