Malden Welcomes New Food Land Halal Market

All photos by Chaimaa Assli.

Food Land Halal Market, a grocery store, opened their fifth and largest location on Friday, October 7th in Malden. Food Land is also located in Cambridge, Burlington, Dorchester, and Lowell.

The first Food Land branch was opened in 2006. Though their Cambridge location is their busiest store, it is not as big as the new Malden shop. 

The store contains various foods from many different countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Morocco, and Somalia.

There are many different fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Mahfuz Chowdhury, the manager of Food Land Halal Market, explained how their store is in a perfect location as it is close to the Mosque which is convenient for him to go pray Friday prayers

Chowdhury also expressed that “being located next to the mosque brings good business,” since many Muslims can come after prayer to his store for anything they may need. Although it is a bonus for the store, this was not a part of the original plan.

The plan for the store was to give people from different backgrounds access to the foods they enjoy easily. “We just want to do something nice for people and provide Halal food since people are not able to get them in most places,” he explained.

 Customer Ching Lee was so glad to have an international market open near her. She was excited to try new food from different countries, such as Bangladesh and Morocco. Lee also likes the convenience of the store being located near the Orange Line. She believes that it will attract more customers to the store.

Yamina Danoune attends the Malden Islamic Center regularly and expresses her love for the store. “I think it is very organized and eye-pleasing. Seeing all these goods makes me feel interested in the cultures they represent.” 

She explains how the location of the store is more than perfect not only for her but for her friends as well. “It will be fun to go to the halal store during Ramadan,” Danoune said, illustrating her excitement. 

Chowdhury said the store is not completed yet. He looks forward to hopefully expanding the menu for their restaurant located in the back of the market. Chowdhury also has high hopes for the store and believes it will have great business.

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