Malden Citizens Vote in the Massachusetts State Midterm Elections

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With the end of the elections, the Malden Public Schools returned from their much-appreciated day off. While they were gone, Malden residents lined up at their voting sites to cast votes in the midterm elections. Of the 29,482 registered voters in Malden, 14,772, or nearly half of the group, showed up. In each of the races, Malden voters followed the state trend. The votes were tallied up overnight, and the results were released on Wednesday. Here are the results:

With 10,752 votes as compared to 3,600, Malden voters overwhelmingly supported Maura Healey and Kimberly Driscoll in the gubernatorial race. They also won the governor race statewide and will replace Charlie Baker.

Democratic candidate for governor Maura Healey speaking in Framingham, alongside her running mate Kim Driscoll. (Photo from Framingham Source)

In the Attorney General (AG) race, local voters cast ballots in favor of Andrea Campbell over James McMahon, with 10,604 votes to 3,775 votes. Campbell also won the statewide elections for AG and will assume office upon the inauguration of Healey, the former AG.

In the Secretary of State race, incumbent William F. Galvin defended his office. Galvin has been serving as Secretary of State since 1995. On the local level, Galvin outclassed his other primary competitors, Rayla Campbell and Juan Sanchez, in a 3 to 1 ratio.

William F. Galvin's official portrait. (Photo sourced from his website)

Deborah B. Goldberg won the treasurer’s race in Malden, with 11,111 votes to her name, beating out her opponent Cristina Crawford, with 2,257 votes. Goldberg was also elected statewide.

In the auditor race, with the largest field statewide, Malden selected Diana DiZoglio with a total of 9,015 votes. DiZoglio was also the top choice in elections statewide, capturing 55% of the vote.

As for the state representative race, Katherine Clark defended her seat, racking up 10,656 votes for her campaign. Caroline Colarusso, her opponent, received 3,528 votes. Across the 5th District, Clark gained over 70% of the vote.

Katherine Clark's official portrait. (Photo sourced from her website)

In terms of the four ballot measures, Massachusetts approved all but one. The millionaire’s tax passed both in Malden and statewide. Locally, the measure earned 9,029 votes in favor and 4,749 against. Question 2, regulating dental insurance, passed in both Malden and the state, with 10,820 votes in favor and 3,011 votes against locally. Question 3, concerning expanded licensing for alcohol, failed statewide and didn’t have enough support in Malden either, with 6,742 votes in favor and 7,231 against. Question 4, concerning driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, was successful all-around, with 8,965 votes in favor and 5,046 against locally.

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