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Fast food restaurants are one of the many establishments that can bring a community together from all walks of life. Last year, in the heart of Malden, a new Starbucks opened, answering the cries of all those thirsty for coffee.

Starbucks is a worldwide business and is most known for its drinks, such as its freshly brewed coffee, thirst-quenching refreshers, and tasty breakfast items. These sorts of drinks and food are regularly most enjoyed by teachers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and other early birds. Overall, Starbucks is open to the general public that is looking for delectable foods.

But much like many other restaurants, there is always competition in the form of the “big dog.” Dunkin Donuts is located not too far away from Starbucks and has inhabited a spot on Main Street, near Malden High School, for quite a while. These establishments both share many similarities ranging from drinks to the food that pulls you back for more. 

Some of the most noticeable differences are the name and aesthetics of these two popular coffee shops. 

Another difference is that purchases at Starbucks can rack up a lot of money, whereas Dunkin Donuts is a little more pocket friendly. Everyone is different, therefore there are other palates that they could adhere to for the public. This can be due to convenience, money, etc. 

When walking into Starbucks you get this feeling. The feeling of productivity, old friends catching up, or the wonderful feeling of being accomplished. While looking around the restaurant chain you see all type of people getting their orders and winding down for the afternoon. The fresh scent of coffee grounds marks the brand as a place of invested people, o-getters of today and the perfectionists of tomorrow.

Whenever I’m at Dunkin Donuts, there’s always a fast paced environment. As soon as you walk into the restaurant chain you’re greeted with a feeling of rushed and stressed workers from the line and the tons of orders being sent. The closest Dunkin’s is very much a “grab and go” facility compared to Starbucks, more slowed and calming. 

Regardless of the restaurant that you choose to spend your time and money in, you'll still have the food and the drinks you like with the feeling of tranquility on the first sip or bite.

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