Terrifier 2 Review: a Gruesome Slasher Lacking Clear Plot Structure

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Warning: This review does contain some spoilers for the movie Terrifier 2

If you like gruesome and incredibly gory movies, then the movie Terrifier is perfect for you. Terrifier 2, the sequel to Terrifier, is so violent that it had people passing out in theaters or leaving halfway through.

After coming back to life, Art the Clown continues to terrorize Miles County and goes on his annual Halloween killing spree. Many believe he is dead despite his body never being found. People all over the country want to dress up as him, including the main character Jonathan. This worries Jonathan’s sister Sienna as she believes this is disrespectful toward the victim’s families.

Sienna has dreams about Art and these dreams seem very realistic. In her dream, Art uses a flame gun to light people on fire and she awakes to a fire in her room. No one knows how the fire started and what’s even more suspicious is the link to her dream.

Since so many people are dressing up as him no one would think twice when seeing the real Art the Clown since people will just think it’s a costume. For some reason, Art is targeting Sienna and everyone close to her. He starts off by killing her best friend Ally in the most gruesome and horrible way possible. It seems that the torture will never end for the poor girl. He then makes his way over to Sienna’s house while Sienna is at a Halloween party and kills her mother and kidnaps her brother. She goes to look for him while her friends stay in the car because they think it’s just a Halloween prank. Art finds her friends and also kills them in a gory way. 

Art finally catches up to Sienna and her brother and Sienna tries to fight back. He ends up killing her but shockingly she comes back to life with some sort of magical sword. She finally defeats Art in the end.

This movie is extremely gory but it’s not actually scary. There are no jumpscares or anything that a typical horror movie would have. Really the only disturbing parts are the killing scenes because they make your stomach twist and turn. 

Some of the killing scenes were unnecessarily gruesome. With Ally especially (Sienna’s best friend). He just tortured endlessly. When he stabs her multiple times and even scalps her and rips her arm off he leaves the room. This gives the audience and sense of relief because you see Ally crawling toward the ringing phone. We all think that she might make it but if you watched the first movie you would know that he never lets anyone survive. He comes back into the room with bleach and salt to continue the torture. This is the state her mother, who Art also kills, finds her in. To me, that was all unnecessary considering that Ally is just a side character with really no significance besides the fact that she was killed in the worst way imaginable. 

This is why I think that this movie had no plot besides just continuous killing. In this movie, he just went from person to person killing them. Not only was the plot boring but it also made no sense. Throughout the movie a little girl who was dressed similarly to Art. We don’t know who she is or her relation to Art but she appears multiple times. 

Another confusing aspect is that this movie isn’t supposed to be supernatural and there was nothing supernatural in the first movie. The genre is slasher and horror so the small supernatural scenes like the ending and the fire threw the audience off. 

There are a lot of hidden clues in this movie. For example, who is Art the Clown, and what is his link to Sienna? I have a theory that Art is her dead father. There are a lot of clues that support this. The art notebook is one of them. Her father loved to sketch characters and when Jonathan was looking through the notebook he sees a drawing of Art the Clown their father was already dead when Art started his murders.

Another clue is the way their father died. He had a brain tumor that caused him to do horrible things that weren’t specified but we do know that he was incredibly abusive toward Sienna. He finally died when he crashed into a tree and burned to death. The fact that his cause of death was the fire makes it related to Sienna’s dream with the fire almost as if it was a sign. There’s also the fact that the clown’s name is Art and her father was an artist.

Overall I would rate this movie 3/5. The only good acting came from Art the Clown and everyone else had terrible acting. There is also no real horror and no plot. It was just kill after kill. However, Art, the Clown is a good villain.

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