This year, there have been many new clubs, and among them is the Karaoke Club. They meet every other Tuesday in classroom B447 from 2:30-3:15. Full of musical diversity, they have had a lively beginning.

The club advisors are Michael Berman and Victoria Atkinson. The club’s council consists of President Isabelle Tan, Vice President Sienna Hoang, Secretary/Treasurer Nhi Nguyen, and Historian Derek Lam.

The club’s goal is to be “a safe place where you can just have fun,” according to Tan. They also have an Instagram account to promote the club where they posted about their first fundraising event.

They held a bake sale after school on November 21st, 2022. They sold cake pops in two different sizes at a low price of $1 or $2.

However, the bake sale was originally scheduled for October 31st, 2022. This did not pan out and was rescheduled.

The club was founded by Tan, Nguyen, and Hoang.

This club was, according to Tan, originally a “movie club, and then a movie and karaoke club, to finally just a karaoke club because we thought people would be too bored from just watching movies.”

Tan’s ambitions for the club were born from wanting “to start a fun club with my friends where we could just gather… after school while also being a President of a club in order to add something to my college applications.”

She also wanted to be “able to make money for charity in a fun way” because after paying for the equipment purchased to start the club, the rest will go to a charity.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Club members collecting money and selling cake pops; Club members looking over money box. DANI LICONA-CRUZ

Tan even said that the club has a “running joke where I say our club is in debt to my father because he paid for everything so far.”

Furthermore, they wanted to name the club the “KC Club for Karaoke and Chill but we decided to just name it the Karaoke Club because it’s easier to fathom.”

The club so far is said to be “fun and it consists of a really inclusive community.” People often sing along with whoever is singing and they can get “really loud,” according to Tan.

The club plans on having bake sales more often to aid their monetary needs. They hope to be able to host one around every major holiday.

Updates can be found on their Instagram page @mhskaraokeclub.

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