Reflection on the Holiday Season

With the end of the year coming up so fast, there are a lot of things that make people feel a certain way about the holidays. For this time of year, most people tend to be stressed about school, adjusting to the cold, or financial stress like buying gifts for Christmas. 

Throughout the ups and downs of the holiday season, it is important to remember to reflect and be thankful for the people that helped you get through the year. For example, during this season I normally stay home with my family and enjoy the quality time we spend together before we all go to work.

One thing my family does during the holidays is to have as many family dinners as possible. The main thing my family tries to center on is the quality time since in the average week we all barely see each other. Most families, no matter what religion they believe in, celebrate and value spending time with one another.

Many people like myself like to go away with their family to a resort in or out of state, kind of like a forced way to spend time together but fun. As for myself, I tend to try to spend time with my older sister since she and I rarely see each other on the average week because of our schedules. My older sister and I tend to watch shows that we forgot about or just talk for hours about the things that we missed over the past few weeks. 

Another thing that we forget to do is reflect on how we survived another year because of the people that have made it a little easier. Most people this year relied on their family and friends to help them through certain situations. A way where a lot of people have reflected is by saying thanks to the people that have held them down.

 “Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.”

John boswell

The quote above is really reminding all of us to enjoy the moments with our family and friends this winter since it is the time when we all get to look back on the year. Whether it be happy or sad moments, it is important to remember that we weren’t alone in those moments. 

Honestly, that is what the holiday season is truly about, regardless of the religion you believe in. Learning how to use the lessons that you have learned this year to help you understand how you can become a better student/person next year. The holidays may be sad for some but it is important to remember that there are always going to be brighter days.

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