A Look Inside of Malden High School’s Engineering Class

Ada Zhang and Chouaib Saidi also contributed to this article.

Video by Ada Zhang, photos by Chouaib Saidi.

Student working with the CNC Carving Machine. CHOUAIB SAIDI

Malden High School has many different electives to choose from, like mock trial, or anatomy but one class in particular that gives you the freedom to use your creativity is engineering class in H103 as well as in the Holland Basement’s Maker Space. The class is open to all students either those taking it as an elective or those who sign up for Ashley Freeman's Enrichment. The class gives students the opportunity to channel their creativity through making many different projects, whether it be inspired by the curriculum or not. The engineering class we have now hasn’t always been the way it is. The class itself has been around for a while but was only ever in the engineering lab in H103. When Freeman, the current engineering teacher, became the full-time teacher the class moved to the maker space. The class now splits their time 50/50 in the lab and Maker Space. 

Freshman Matthew Ren working in the Maker Space. CHOUAIB SAIDI

During classes, they spend a portion of their time in the lab doing reviews and do-now activities before going down to the Maker Space. The Maker Space is where you get to make stuff using the machines they have such as the laser cutter, sewing machine, CNC carving machine, and more.

3d printer in the Maker Space. CHOUAIB SAIDI

The main benefit of having an engineering class is to give students a place and time away from generic classrooms to get a chance to channel their creativity. 

"The main goal is to learn how to solve problems and try to make our world a better place," said Freeman. "You can come up with ways to try to make those ideas come to reality. You can come up with your ideas to solve problems. And then there's also a physical aspect to it. Cause if you're, you know, when you sit in a chair all day, you can get tired easily, but if you're running around the maker space or running around outside in the garden building stuff, it's a different kind of learning."  

Student working on something with a carving machine. CHOUAIB SAIDI

The expansion of creativity is also one of the biggest benefits of the class, explained Freeman, "I think creativity is the most important thing. You get a lot of opportunities to express your creativity." When asked about what goes into the development of imagination in engineering, Freeman says, "We learn about and we focus on, how do you come up with good ideas and how do you come up with more ideas and how do you build on other people's ideas." The reception to engineering from students is very positive. Learners seem to love the opportunity to leave the common classroom to experience hands-on learning. 

Kevin Lin and Alex Martins holding up designs from the 3D Printer. CHOUAIB SAIDI

"I feel like this class helps expand your mind more, maybe cause you to have to like to think more," said freshman Ty Golden. 

"It teaches you something that you could do outside in the real world. English and math are important, but I feel like engineering teaches you a lot about building and creating new stuff and overcoming challenges," stated sophomore Karim Ammar. 

"It's a fun class and I've always had a passion for it, but for anyone in general, overall it's a good class. Recommend taking it because you get to do a lot of things hands-on and most of the time, you're basically on your own and free and you get to do whatever you want," voiced freshman Matthew Ren.

Freshmen Jonathan Casiano and Matthew Ren playing air hockey. CHOUAIB SAIDI

Overall engineering is a good class to take at Malden High School. It's a great class for those that prefer hands-on learning and creative thinking.

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