Step Team Valentine’s Bake Sale

Valentine’s day is a hard holiday to prepare for with everyone trying to find a way they can show love to others and while this can be hard, the Malden High School Step Team made it a little easier for MHS students by hosting a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale right outside the main office after school the day before Valentine’s Day. 


With it being right outside of the main office right at 2:15 when school ends it was hard not to make a trip with the appealing sweets and loud music they were playing. They were selling everything from brownies, cookies, chocolates, and even crochet flowers made by the step team themselves, which added the extra love in everything students bought. Sophomore step team member Olivia Ivy said “we made a majority of the sweets, but it was nice because we ended up with a little bit of everything.”


When walking up to the table it was everybody for themselves, because after a long day of school and a holiday approaching in just a day students were flocking to the table. Junior Erikah Macharia said, “I was really happy that Olivia decided to bring her speaker because it really attracted more people, which was true considering you could hear the music from the third floor.


It was said that the crochet flowers were the biggest hit out of everything sold at the bake sale which is surprising since it was the only thing not baked there. Sophomore Yanni Genene said “I got a flower from there and it’s so soft, you can really see that the step team took their time making them.” The step team really made sure that presentation was really key because that’s what attracted all the students. With a bright yellow table sheet and all the Step Team members lined up welcoming people it was hard not to buy something from them.


The money the team made is planned to go towards future events and what they need for it, as sophomore Bertha Jean Louis on the step team said: “the money we made goes to our outfits, props, since we have to create our own funds because the school doesn’t fund us.”  This alone shows how much dedication the step team has and continues to show since they have always worked for what they want to do and pull it off every, single, time.


The Step Team is expecting a big performance with the Junior Varieties just around the corner, and they could use all the help they can get. he bake sale seemed to give them that extra boost to be in a comfortable position with not only JVs but future events to come. Ivy concluded “I think it was very productive and worth the time we put into it, we also surpassed the total which any extra will be saved in a bank account for next year.”


All in all the step team’s bake sale was a win in their books; whether it was the all around good vibes, great sweets, and welcoming smiles, they definitely won over MHS students and were able to make more than what they were looking to. This is well deserved considering the amazing performances they always put out for the school. It’s nice to see the students return the favor in supporting their step team through and through.

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