A Mock Trial Case Jacob V. Caborite Be the Jury

This year, the Mock Trial class at Malden High School hosted a court case representation of Jacob V. Caborite where members of the class came together and worked as a team to accurately depict a real life court case.

The Mock Trial class has been going for years. It's a very cumulative class that has many aspects to it, such as teamwork, accurate representation, data intake, and more.

“It's just such a community and such a friendly group of people;, we all just get along and it's kind of like a little family,” said Asmae Sekhri, a member of the Mock Trial class. 

“It seemed like an easy class, but, after taking it, it's actually pretty hard. You’ve got to, memorize a lot of stuff,” said Reda Benhafoun, another member of the class.

The Court Case Jacob V. Caborite was a case where a man named Jacob died in a plane crash, and the family filed a lawsuit to sue the plane company. The real question was whether it was faulty piloting or if there was something really wrong with the plane.

Cheryl Joe, a student at Malden High and a spectator in the auditorium where the court case took place, has some insight on this presentation. “The people who acted as witnesses, lawyers, etc. all, great roles, and I think overall , they would do great in a situation like this,” He stated.

“You can really hear the time and effort all the students have put in throughout the year so far into this trial. And, they're very well spoken, very clear here and you can tell that,” said Kurtis Scheer, a history teacher at Malden High School.

He continued, “I think it makes it simulate like a real courtroom very accurately for putting it on top of this stage right here. So I thought it was very organized. It looked very great, and it represented what a real court case lecture looks like.”


A speaker asking "Jacob" a question regarding his case. CHOUAIB SAIDI

“You gotta work together, without teamwork there's no mock trial, everyone counts on that team. Everybody.”

Reda benhafoun

However, Mock Trial is not just acting out court cases and taking in information, it has also shown to have a great impact on students' perspectives of life.

"It's a really good experience. I feel more professional. I feel more confident in my life, being professional and like knowing what to wear to court and like how to act in court and stuff like that. It just prepares you for the real world,” stated Asmae Sekhri.

“I would say it was a great performance; it’s my first time, so I can’t really give a good review, but I would say overall it was pretty good,” explained spectator Tenzin Lama before leaving the auditorium.

After the court case was over, the members of the Mock Trial went into the audience and handed out QR codes so the audience themselves could vote for the right verdict.

Asmae Sekhri speaking on the podium. CHOUAIB SAIDI

Generally, Mock Trial  is a great class to really articulate your voice as well as developing yourself to become a good public speaker and to persevere through challenges. The court case Jacob V. Caborite was a great success and was organized perfectly for everyone, even if they did not the original story, they could easily pick it up and enjoy the presentation.

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