Library’s Book Bingo Contest Comes to an End with a Casual Party after School

The Book Bingo Reading Challenge comes to an end with a party held on May 22nd, 2023 after school. Mary Liberge and The Library Teen Advisory Board (LTAB) have been planning this party since February this school year, around the time that they began the Bingo Reading Challenge for this year.

Liberge and The Library Bingo Contest prepared chocolate brownies, lemon cake, popcorn, juice and tea at the party. Everyone seemed to have a good time while discussing with each other what they enjoyed the most.

(From Left to Right) Ivana Marinkovic, Darian O’Brien, Lyra Gold, Barbara Zaldana, and Isabella Ivy chatting while eating.

The party was hosted “to celebrate the achievements of the students who participated in this reading challenge,” explained Liberge. Dunkin’ Donut gift cards were prepared by Liberge for students who made it onto the podium. Of the handful of participants the four winners were Darien O’Brien, Ivana Marinkovic, Ash Cullity, and Hadjar Yousfi, who is Head of Local for The Blue and Gold. 

The group of students that registered for the challenge were able to come out to celebrate with their peers. However, those who did come, enjoyed the atmosphere and spending time with one another.

Julia Cardoso is a student who applied on May 22nd, 2023 to be a participant of the Bingo Contest. She enjoyed the party, “I like the food,” said Cardoso. 

Marinkovic felt “satisfied after receiving an award” because she put a lot of effort in this challenge by reading books during her own free time while also “obtaining more knowledge through books.” Marinkovic likes to read and thinks “that the challenges posed by the library are an amazing way” of  motivating her by making her search for more books. 

O’Brien said, “When receiving the reward it felt like I accomplished something big even though I was just doing something that I enjoy.” 

Lyra Gold, President of the LTAB, really enjoyed hosting the competition for students. She likes the Bingo Challenge and thought it was “a good way to end this year.” Gold believes a lot of the events that happened this year “should be magnified for next year,” and will greatly help the library to become a safe space for all.

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