The Mystic Side Candle and Sign Sale

The Mystic Side is a program where members of the PACE program come together to expand on their creativity and do many fun things as a group. One of these activities is candle making. This year, the Mystic Side program held a Candle Sale in the Gallery. 

The Mystic Side logo in front of the gallery entrance. CHOUAIB SAIDI

 “So, this came out of a need during the pandemic. The students in our PACE program, especially the transition program, attend work sites in the community. We go out to different restaurants and other places throughout the community and do, vocational activities there,” said Liftshitz Aylot, a PACE teacher at Malden High School. 

“The students have been doing it since 2021, I believe, and so the students are able to help with pouring the hot wax, making candles, etc.,” continued Aylot. 

How the candles are being made behind the scenes. CHOUAIB SAIDI

The Mystic Side program has been running since 2021 and it’s great to see students making use of their time by participating in vocational activities such as candle-making.

The candle flavor that the students liked the most was the “Coconut Cream” flavor.

 “It’s a collaborative process and then we prepare the jars, and the students really enjoy it, some prefer different parts of the process. Some students really enjoy decorating,” explained Aylot. 

Closer look of the decorative candles being sold. CHOUAIB SAIDI

 “…but we’re taking in and recycling and making it something beautiful,”

Liftshitz Aylot

“Candles contain like natural soy wax, and we use a lot of recycled materials, so we try to collect, recycled jars so that we’re not using more things, using more waste, but we’re taking in and recycling and making it something, beautiful,” claimed Aylot

Aside from candles, the Mystic Side also sells creative signs that can be hung up at home and many other places.

Very detailed “beach” signs up for sale. CHOUAIB SAIDI

The Mystic Side is a wonderful program full of creative, collaborative activities, from making homemade candles to making signs out of limited materials. Something like this could inspire many people to try out new things and have fun while doing so.

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