Class of 2025’s New Advisors and Student Council are Ready for the New Year


With the start of a new school year, the class of 2025 enters their junior year with new class advisors. Teachers Robert Grinnell and Courtney Braz came together and stepped up to support them through this year with very important events like Junior Varieties. 

The 2025 student council, has already been decided during last year's re-elections. This year's student council includes President Christina Anasthal, Vice President Saniah Charles, Secretary Sarah Pham, Treasurer Kevin Lin, Media Coordinators Jaslie Fang and Jessica Li, Volunteer Coordinator Julianna Lin, and Junior Variety Coordinators Bertha Jean Louis and Jennifer Slawson. 

Grinnell is a Spanish teacher mainly teaching Spanish 2, which contains a large number of sophomores. Those sophomores are now rising juniors which allowed him to meet and get to know some of the officers, encouraging him to take on this new position. Not only is he  “optimistic and hopeful that it will be a good year for the class,” but is also “looking forward to working with those students as they plan these upcoming events.” 

The new class of 2025 advisors, Robert Grinell and Courtney Braz, smiling for the photo. BY SHUYI CHEN

Braz is a history teacher here at Malden High, mainly teaching juniors and freshmen. The class of 2025 are now juniors, and are starting to plan for Junior Varieties. It is one of the biggest events each class holds, and Braz is “a little overwhelmed, but overall very excited to step into it with the CO ‘25 student council [and] all of their amazing ideas.” Along with everything going on, she states that “we are as prepared as we'll ever be.”

Not only are the two new advisors excited about taking on this new year, but so is their student council. Anasthal commented “I’m excited to be working with them and seeing all the fun new things that are going to be happening.” Charles adds on, stating that “I really love our new advisors Braz and Grinnell and I’m very excited to be working with them. Additionally, Pham mentions how “they bring a lot of good energy and good ideas to the table.” 

Even with all of the excitement, there are going to be challenges along the way. Grinnell stated that he and Braz are both younger teachers and have their work cut out for them. Braz also stated that “time management may be one of the biggest challenges we face along with finding time to get things done outside of school hours.” However, both teachers “have the desire to be solid advisors.” 

Class of 2025 council members, Jennifer Slawson, Jaslie Fang, Bertha Jean Lewis, Christina Anasthal, and advisor Courtney Braz holding a concession stand at Mcdonald Stadium. BY SHUYI CHEN

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