• About Gabriella Onessimo

    Gabriella Onessimo, a junior at Malden High School, is excited to start her first year on the Blue and Gold newspaper. Gabriella hopes to make a career out of one of her favorite hobbies which is writing. Her other hobbies consist of reading, listening to music, exploring, and staying active on social media. In five years, Gabriella sees herself attending a college in New York. After college, Gabriella plans to travel the world, starting with Germany and France, and eventually visiting Japan to eat her favorite food, sushi. Onessimo is confident that her writing skills will be a big help to the Blue and Gold staff.

    Why I Will Never Forgive or Forget Donald Trump

    by  • November 9, 2016 • 2016 Presidential Election, Homepage, National, North American News, Opinion, Political Opinions, World, World & History • 0 Comments

    The 2016 election has been an unforgettable one. I would not accredit that to the remarkability of each candidate, their visionary goals to mobilize the country, nor their truly promising social, political and economic policies that will surge the U.S. further as that is the demand of the people. Rather, the most heated topics...

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    Graduation 2016

    by  • June 15, 2016 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    The seniors move on to the next step in their lives. From their last final exams in high school to their senior prom, Malden High’s seniors have been tying up all the loose ends involving school. Graduation is the last and arguably most significant event that seniors attend because it marks the beginning of...

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    Multicultural Celebration Preview

    by  • April 28, 2016 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    This spring, the Multicultural Celebration is returning to bring together all the cultures at Malden High School. The Multicultural Celebration, hosted by the Multicultural Club, is an annual event for the Malden community to share cultural foods, traditions, activities and perspectives. For the past five years, the event has taken place at Malden High...

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    Kiley Ruelle Qualified for States

    by  • March 9, 2016 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    Kiley Ruelle has been doing gymnastics for 16 years. Her determination and dedication to the sport has improved both her quality of performance and her attitude towards the sport. She was co-captain of Malden High School’s gymnastics team for the 2015-2016 season, along with fellow senior Jessica Munroe. Her hard work has paid off,...

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    Boys Indoor Track Season Wrap Up

    by  • March 1, 2016 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    With hard work and a collective resilience exerted throughout the season, boys indoor track finished strong with a record of 4-1. The team focused on improving their abilities and reaching their personal and shared goals, a feat that Coach David Londino proudly believes was accomplished. Londino stated that the performance of the boys season...

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    Boys Indoor Track: Mid-Season Update

    by  • January 14, 2016 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    By Gabriella Onessimo and Tatum Skiffington Since the start of the winter season, Malden High School’s boys indoor track team has tenaciously applied their adept athleticism and complete concentration to achieve shared and personal victories. For the first half of the season the team has encountered both wins and losses. With a current record...

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    Spirit Week At a Glance

    by  • November 24, 2015 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    As the holidays approach, Malden High School says hello to yet another Spirit Week. Spirit Week takes place during the week of Thanksgiving where the school community expresses their pride. Students look forward to three days of laughter, photographs, school pride, and fun. The week is lined up with Pajama Day on Monday, Wacky-Tacky...

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